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Financial Review

Small sole traders to limited companies

ODM Accountants with over 40 years’ extensive experience allows us to cater for the requirements of our clients across a variety of businesses, from small sole traders or partnerships to small and medium sized limited companies.

We are therefore able to provide valuable insights and recommendations that address the concerns of all business owners across a broad range of sectors.

To effectively manage a business in the current economic climate one must be pro-active and not re­active; you must be forward looking rather than backward thinking.

Our experienced team will work with you

Through the development of a business plan we will explore the possibilities for your business

Our experienced team will work with you to deliver accounting expertise and financial information that may not be available to you in-house.

We will perform a financial and operational analysis of your business, looking at its strengths and weaknesses while also focusing on the opportunities and potential threats facing your business

Interested in finding out more then contact one our dedicated team members

Want to know more? Our experienced team can help:

Lisa O'Connell

Managing Director

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John O'Sullivan

Audit Director

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Ann Crowley

SME Manager

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ODM Accountants

Our professional team are members of the leading accountancy and taxation bodies

ODM Accountants

In your corner from the start – helping you steer in the right direction

ODM Accountants

There is no point in going faster if you are going in the wrong direction. Speak to us today.

ODM Accountants

Making sense of numbers with over 40 years

ODM Accountants

We can help you focus on your core business through our outsourced services

ODM Accountants

Sharing our expertise with your business

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